Pro: Is 'The Passion' anti-Semitic and violent?

“The Passion of the Christ” is anti-Semitic and violent.

“The Passion of Christ,” directed by Mel Gibson, evokes a lot of passion from viewers.

Although nobody can determine how accurately the movie portrays the reasons behind Jesus’ crucifixion, it is certain that the brutality and graphical images in the movie is too much.

It is not necessary to use violent images to get a point across. Many of us know the teachings of the Bible. All the movie should do is bring those teachings to a big screen.

While the movie is supposed to tell how the events took place, the violent scenes constantly overshadow it.It is hard to keep track of the movie when you are being bombarded with continuous graphical images.

The movie made audiences cringe instead of giving a sense of serenity. I am a Catholic and do have faith; however,

I did not feel that way while watching this movie. I felt uncomfortable seeing how what I believed in was depicted in such an awful manner.

The perspective on the movie should have been different.

The movie took away from what could have been a better experience for the audience by exhibiting violence.

Gibson should have chosen to depict an experience that would reinforce peoples’ beliefs and faith rather than to cause one to be hostile and uneasy on viewing his film.

The movie brings nothing new to the table, so people should continue practicing their faith in their own ways and not be driven to watch a movie full of violence and torture.

I believe that a more humane portrayal of how the events took place would make it more acceptable for families to watch the movie together and children could learn the teachings of the Bible.

The story behind the life of Jesus Christ is beautiful and should be told in a nice way.