Spring Advanced Dance Concert sticks the landing


Mari Ignaki

El Camino College dance students perform the second performance of the night during the Spring Advance Dance concert Friday, May 3. “The 4 Artists” was choreographed by EC student Kianna Peppers. Photo credit: Mari Inagaki

The audience laughed in unison as dancers frolicked across the stage in vibrant rabbit costumes displaying various dance styles with a comedic touch, in the Marsee Auditorium on Friday, May 3 at 8 p.m.

The El Camino College Fine Arts Dance department presented it’s three day Spring Advanced Dance Concert that began on Thursday afternoon and concluded on Sunday evening.

Students have been preparing for this show since the second week of the spring semester, Director and ECC Dance Instructor Liz Hoefner Adamis said.

A total of 12 choreographers contributed to the show case. Six students, five faculty and guest choreographer, Genevieve Carson the artistic director of LA Contemporary Dance Company.

“I think we’re most excited about Genevieve’s piece,” Adamis said. “She hand picked the best students in the program, they all had to audition for her.”

Six El Camino College students perform “A Cherub’s Whisper” during the Spring Advance Dance Concert in the Marsee Auditorium on Friday, May 3. It was choerographed and performed by EC students Scout Harrison and Mao Saito. Photo credit: Mari Inagaki


Executing every move with precision, grace, and intensity–draped in neutral colored clothing–the dancers conveyed their commitment and dedication to the piece (transference) on stage.

“She drew out some nice things in the students that we haven’t seen before,” director and ECC dance instructor Jonathan Bryant added.

The students performed 12 pieces divided into two acts and there was no theme for the concert this spring.

“We didn’t want the students to feel forced by a theme,” Adamis said.

“Sometimes students need to room to express what they’re feeling freely,” Bryant added.

The dancers creativity came alive as they glided around the floor with vivacious energy and raw emotion breaking into ripples and solos, accompanied by an in sync music selection to match.

“I liked it a lot, I went to the winter show and I like this one much better,” Elizabeth Andrade,18, biology major said.

The Spring Advanced Dance concert had three showings from Thursday, May 2 to Saturday, May 4 in the Marsee Auditorium. The show featured choerography from students, faculty and a guest choreographer. Photo credit: Elena Perez


An uptempo curtain call closed the show as the dancers re-emerged to take a bow and the audience cheered for each performer.

“It was something completely than I expected, my favorite was the last performance,” Melissa Rodriguez, 20, nursing major said. “There was a representation of each dance genre, music diversity, and humor.”