Art Gallery showcases 15 Southern California Artists in “Moving Line”


The EC Art Gallery hosted an artist reception on Thursday, Feb. 22.

The current exhibit in the EC Art Gallery is entitled “Moving Line” and showcases 15 artists from Southern California.

The exhibition showcases different mediums including painting, sculpture and video, among others.

“I started out by seeing these (‘For Emelie’ by Cheryl Walker) drawings on the back wall and I thought they were wonderful drawings and decided that I needed to do some kind of show wrapped around that. There is so much movement in them that it seemed almost obvious to make it moving lines,” gallery director and curator Susanna Meiers said.

Artist Marsia Alexander-Clarke has had her work shown in the EC Art Gallery before and found inspiration in “human beings in the vast space of landscape” for her current visual media piece on display.

“There’s a history in art called minimalism and there are visual artists that use mark making to create very beautiful paintings and I felt I could do that with video,” Alexander-Clarke said.

Art student Jarno De Bar, who performed with his buffalo drum outside the gallery, felt inspired by the industrial art in the exhibition.

“It’s all great. I love industrial art like (“I Ching in America, Hexagram 35 Advancing” by Chenhung Chen) and I always have. I love nature and the environment but I also love mechanical things,” De Bar said.

Meiers has heard positive feedback from students and faculty on campus.

“We’ve had lots of teachers bringing their classes. We’ve had a lot of great feedback, which is lovely,” Meiers said.

The “Moving Line” exhibit will be open in the EC Art Gallery on the first floor of the Art and Behavioral Sciences building until Thursday, March 8.