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Sharing thoughts on comic books being literature

By Jose Tobar

April 25, 2019

Before superheroes were known on the big screen, they were first introduced through comic books. The Union asked students and staff about their thoughts on comic books being literature. Claudia Striepe, instruction librarian“Actually, yes I do. In fact, a few...

For 33 years a fitness instructor has been impacting others at El Camino

By Sierra Robles

May 10, 2017

An El Camino professor has taught fitness and health education courses for the past 33 years. Tom Hicks, fitness professor, began his career as a part-time baseball coach at El Camino in 1980 and got hired at Azusa Pacific University a...

Long-time photography professor dies

By Grant Hermanns

June 8, 2016

An El Camino photography professor of over 20 years at El Camino died on Saturday, May 28 of undisclosed causes.The news of the Susan Ste. Marie's death broke on Sunday, May 29 when fellow EC photography professor, Darilyn Rowan, wr...

Geology professor shines inside and outside the classroom

By Chris Alvarez-Jett

December 22, 2014

The room was filled with panic. 
 People gasped as they frantically stumbled over wavering furniture, trying to cross the swaying office space to an exit door that seemed miles away. 
 All but one. 
 For ...

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