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Lack of food options on campus leads to purchase of new food truck

By David Rondthaler

May 21, 2019

Members of the College Council unanimously approved the purchase of a new $55,000 food truck for El Camino College in an effort to expand food options on campus, council officials said. Randy Firestone, an EC philosophy professor...

McDonald’s delivery is the epitome of laziness

By Sydney Fajardo

March 27, 2017

Fast food makes getting a quick meal easier and there are definitely some benefits, however there is a fine line between convenience and laziness.McDonald's recently partnered with third-party delivery companies in January allowing ...

Food for the student: Top Five lunch items near El Camino

By Grant Hermanns

May 3, 2016

Every student has experienced it. You're hungry, but only have a short break between classes to grab some food. The only problem is you're low on money and are tired of going to Cafe Camino and McDonald's. So what's an El Cam...

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