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Performing and Fine Arts Month: encourages program and students

By Melanie Chacon

March 13, 2019

El Camino's Performing and Fine Arts Month will kickoff on Tuesday, March 19 and run through Thursday, April 18 where there will be multiple events and panels devoted to music, dance, arts, photography, film, theatre and more.EC has invit...

“Lure of Alaska” film coming to Marsee Auditorium in October

By Giselle Morales

September 21, 2018

Update: Sept. 21, 11:07 the word "second" was changed to "third" for accuracy. The third Discovery film series to El Camino College is "Lure of Alaska." The film was directed by Dale Johnson, will be present at Marsee Auditoriu...

‘Batman v. Superman’; more like critics vs. audiences

By Grant Hermanns

April 8, 2016

After nearly 15 years of development and multiple versions of a script, the long-awaited "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" has arrived, and its reception has gotten a lot of media attention due to the wide gap between the au...

Racism in Hollywood discussed by panel at EC for Black History Month

By Selvin Rodas and Lauren Liddle

February 19, 2016

Students gathered to listen to four members of a panel talk about African-Americans in Hollywood in the East Dining Room on Tuesday, Feb. 16 as part of El Camino's Black History Month celebration.EC history professor Daniel Walker s...

‘Mortdecai’ has no charm

By Patrice Moore

February 3, 2015

Despite being handled by the same director who helped write films like "Panic Room" and "Jurassic Park" (David Koepp), "Mortdecai" falls flat on its mustache-cladded face. “Mortdecai,” which is based off the book anthology "Do...

“Paddington” will leave you smiling

By Sydnie Mills

February 3, 2015

Director Paul King, brings Paddington the bear (voiced by Ben Whishaw) to life in his charming new film "Paddington." The movie is not only great for kids but for adults as well — it has something to offer for the whole family. After tragedy strike...

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