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Student-athletes discuss their choice of footwear for athletic performance

Footwear always matters to athletes.

They play their best when comfortable in their choice of footwear, while some improve athletic performance when they are comfortable. Others like to stand out for fashionable reasons.

Supportive footwear prevents injury and many foot problems athletes experience from bad support. For some El Camino student-athletes, comfort is crucial to athletic performance.

Soccer player Alexi Anaya enjoys playing in light footwear and does not hold her back in gripping the turf. Anaya sticks to Nike footwear because she prefers comfort to allow her to perform well.

“I am open to playing in any sneaker brand, but comfortability is my main concern when I play soccer,” Anaya said. “I try to find all-black sneakers because I think the colorway of the sneaker looks amazing and very intimidating.”

Also on the women’s soccer team, Angelica Taylor wears certain cleats for comfort. Taylor doesn’t care about sneaker brands, but she tends to play more in Nike than any other brand she wears.

“Since I’m a soccer player, I mainly wear what’s comfortable and feels right on my foot to make me able to feel the ball for better support on the field,” Midfield said.

David Dunbar, a point guard for the basketball team, plays at El Camino because they elevate his game mentally.

Dunbar dominates the players he competes against. He wears Kobe Bryant sneakers, which are comfortable to wear for support on his feet, along with Nikes.

Basketball guard Elliot Kerley prefers to wear comfortable sneakers that will help him change directions quickly during practices and games. In the past, Kerley sustained blisters on the bottom of his feet from wearing uncomfortable footwear.

Kerley usually wears Nike sneakers but has worn other brands in the past that are just as good.

“I let my game showcase how I play,” Kerley said. “But our uniform is matched with the sneakers I wear during games so that definitely showcases my game and the sneakers I have on my feet as well.”

Justin Evans, who plays safety for El Camino’s football team, enjoys the comfort of cleats when he plays. Evans is concerned about comfortability but makes sure his stylish cleats stand out.

“I personally tend to wear Nike’s,” Evans said. “But I let the way I play the game speak, no matter what brand I wear.”

Jared Douglas, who also plays as a safety in football, wears certain cleats, depending on how he’s feeling physically. Some of the cleats Douglas wears are strictly for support, while some are for fashion and supportive purposes.

“Brands of cleats don’t matter to me as I get older, but it is nice to look good while I play a good game, because it matters I feel … comfortable in my cleats more than how it looks on the outside,” Douglas said. “At the end of the day, I feel like it’s the person that wears the sneaker and the sneaker doesn’t wear the person.”

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