Men's volleyball remain undefeated

Trailing by two sets, a Moorpark College player tries to be sneaky by lobbing an easy ball over an attentive sophomore Brand Heihle, who simply pounced the ball for an easy point in favor of the Warriors to extend their winning streak, and are now 3-0 so far this season.

What seemed to have been an easy game against an opponent who played very practical, was indeed filled with several mistakes that, Head Coach Dick Blount, thought could have been prevented.

“We played sloppy tonight,” Blount said. “When we see them again that’ll be a much tougher game for us.”

During the first and second set, the Warriors dominated Moorpark. Even when the Warriors committed mistakes, they were able to make up for it, and won both sets respectively by 17-25 and 20-25.

In the third set, the Warriors started off on the wrong foot, and trailed by a few points. However, the team quickly fought back, and wrapped the game with the score of 20-25.

Despite the team having a good performance, coach Blount was forced to make a lot of changes during the game.

According to Blount, the team’s setter was changed, due to the starting setter “off-court issues.”

Freshmen Nick Williamson, who recorded two kills and 33 assists on Friday’s game, was given the shot to prove his worth.

“We passed really well tonight,” Williamson said. “I think overall we played really good we just didn’t take advantage of the stuff we had.”

“Moorpark played their game, and did not give up points by playing very spectacular,” Williamson added.

Another detriment the team had during the game was that they did not “play smart,” freshmen Nehemiah Losia said.

“Several mistakes were made due to lack of focus, and because Moorpark made less errors, the Warriors had to struggle and fight for every single point,” she added.

The Warriors are just began their season, and are winning, but Coach Blount knows that in order to reach higher success they have to play more smartly.

“What gets us in trouble is when we get too cute,” Blount said. “We need to be more disciplined.”

The Warriors face Santa Barbara College next, and Blount said he is “nervous” about Wednesday’s game, since it is always difficult to win road games, especially against difficult teams.

The team will now prepare and look to keep their undefeated record as they play on Wednesday night, set for 7:30 p.m., at Santa Barbara territory.

“I just think we had a lot of hitting errors, which is kind of uncharacteristic because our last couple of games we had really low hitting errors,” Williamson said. “So I think if we fix our hitting errors will be a very dangerous team.”