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Extra Point: One win away from the perfect season, state title.

Having a perfect season is every athlete’s dream.

It is a dream that every few teams and individual athletes are able to fulfill.

There needs to be the perfect combination of skill, hard work and luck for this to happen.

For Pavithra Wijratne of the badminton team, all three of these elements have come together, making that dream a likely reality.

The native Sri Lankan and EC freshman won all 24 of her singles matches.

Her perfect regular season gave her the No. 1 seed in the South Coast Conference and has ranked her No. 3 in the state.

Not satisfied with conference playoffs, Wijratne has qualified for a position to play in the state finals.

Even though she has one more obstacle to overcome, what the freshman has accomplished during the regular season is monumental.

Only the 1972 Miami Dolphins have accomplished the perfect season, going 16-0, including their Super Bowl win.

Earlier this year, the New England Patriots went undefeated in their regular season game but failed to win the Super Bowl.

Last year, EC’s women’s volleyball team captured the state title but missed the perfect season due to a loss early in the year.

Fortunately, we are once again on the verge of witnessing history.

With a couple of wins at the the state finals, Wijratne will not just win a state title, she will accomplish what very few athletes ever do.

It isn’t every day that a team or athlete captures a title.

Furthermore, it isn’t every day that they do it without losing a single game all year.

Some teams start out their season weak and finish strong while others start out strong and their focus trickles away toward the end.

For Wijratne to end the season as strong as she began is an outstanding accomplishment within itself.

Wijratne’s next challenge is the state championship.

Here’s hoping that on her trip to Skyline in San Bruno this weekend, she can win a state championship.

Maybe Wijratne can put a perfect end to a perfect season with a perfect record.

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