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Coach enjoys daughter’s last year with swim team

With a smile on her face, Ashley Stanbury describes what it’s like to have her father, EC’s swimming coach Corey Stanbury for the past 16 years, call her ‘honey’ during practice.

However, having her father as a coach does not mean that she gets to take it easy during practice.

“There is no preferential treatment on his part,” Ashley said.

Being the daughter of the coach doesn’t make her uncomfortable around the rest of the team, nor does it make any of the other swimmers resentful in any way.

“I am very close with everyone on the team,” Ashley said. “If it bothered them, they would definitely let me know.”

“They treat her the same, she hangs out with them a lot,” Corey Said. “She’s like every other college student.”

Before Ashley began swimming for her father, she asked him for a favor.

“She wanted me to treat her the same as everyone else,” Corey said. “She appreciates that.”

For the 20-year-old music major, water sports have always been an essential part of her life.

“We are a very aquatic family,” Ashley said. “My family introduced me to water at a very early age.”

Despite having only four years of competitive experience, she managed to qualify for the 1,500- and 500-meter relays.

“Most of the people I competed against were club swimmers, which means they’ve been competing for a long time,” Ashley said. “I’ve been competing for only four years. I began swimming when I was a junior in high school.”

There was some influence from her father to attend EC and join the swim team after she graduated high school.

“My dad definitely wanted me to attend EC,” she said. “He has always been very supportive of whatever it is I do.”

It’s no problem for Ashley to adapt from listening to her father to taking instructions from her coach.

“Whenever we get in the water, he tells us what to do and we just do it,” Ashley said.

Ashley will not be eligible to swim for the team because of the two-year participation limit for athletes, but the two years she was on the team were enjoyable for her father.

“It’s been a lot of fun and a real privalege to coach her,” Corey said.

Ashley will continue pursuing a career in music while remaining a member of EC’s choir.

Ashley plans to transfer to either the Manhattan School of Music or USC where a new music program has been established where students learn how to perform and teach others.

“That’s exactly what I want to do,” Ashley said. “I want to perform and eventually teach.”

Even though her eligibility is up, she will continue swimming.

“I really enjoy swimming because I’m so good at it,” Ashley said. “I’m definitely going to stay in the water, it’s such an individual sport that I can do it on my own any day.”

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