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Week off gives golfers chance to tweak skills

Water hazards, sand traps and ravines are only a few of the troublesome obstacles that the men’s golf team will face on the Diamond Valley course. With coach Terry Titus letting the team practice on the course before the match, it should be a walk in the park.

The golf team has a week off before playing a conference match at Diamond Valley Monday.

Despite getting some much-appreciated rest and relaxation, the team will still get familiar with the courses by playing practice rounds.

“This week, we’re just practicing on the courses we haven’t played before like Diamond Valley and at the Palos Verdes Country Club,” Marc Kawasoe said. “Most of us haven’t played these courses yet, so it’s good that we get a chance to familiarize ourselves with the holes.”

Practicing a course is enjoyable for the team because it allows all nine team members to play at once. During a match, only six members get the opportunity to actually play.

“I’m glad we have this break and get to practice,” Kawasoe said. “Most of the time we play really seriously, but with practice we get to go out and have a good time.

The team practiced yesterday with Long Beach and Mt. SAC at the Palos Verdes Country Club.

Titus encouraged a fair amount of practice for the men over the break in order to keep them sharp for the next match.

“It’s a good thing we played (the practice round) because there were a number of places with trouble that you couldn’t see from the tee,” Titus said.

“You had to have played the course to know where the trouble spots were in order to avoid them,” Titus said. “That should help the men score considerably better next week.”

Kawasoe said Titus is doing a good job by letting the team play in all the courses.

Kawasoe said he knows that many colleges don’t get a chance to play many of the courses until the day of the match.

He believes this will help the team greatly during its upcoming match.

“I don’t think the break particularly helps or hinders, as long as we keep playing during the time period,” Titus said.

“We don’t want to have a whole week without some activity,” Titus said.

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