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Volleyball team shut down by defending champion Long Beach prior to week off

Passing well, serving hard, and hitting tough are what the men’s volleyball team lacked, resulting in another loss.

The Warriors, with a 2-7 record, lost to Long Beach City College Friday 25-17, 25-10 and 25-22.

The team will have the night off tomorrow but will resume its schedule Wednesday when they travel to Moorpark.

Against Long Beach, the team showed deficiencies that facilitated the game for the Vikings.

“We played terrible; all areas are deformed,” assistant coach Richard Blount said. “Long Beach was good; they are number one in our the conference, and they served us off the court,”

The Warriors were not prepared to have to come from behind.

The team is used to starting off with a win, which makes the players feel more comfortable, making their games easier.

“As the game progresses, we usually get better,” Cris Suzuki said. “But we have to learn to win the first game and go out strong instead of starting off slow.”

Suzuki led the team with 38 sets and seven assists in the game against Long Beach.

Ryan Hall hit .211 and Chris Schugt contributed six digs.

“They missed a lot of serves and it’s stupid when the opponents could just stand there and win points. That’s a dumb thing,” Blount said.

The Warriors played at Santa Monica yesterday, but scores were unavailable upon press time.

“Santa Monica is good; they’ve only lost two games so far. If our team shows up and plays well, it will be some good competition,” coach LeValley Pattison said.

Santa Monica has, what some coaches consider to be the No. 1, 2 and 5 servers in the conference.

The Warriors hosted Moorpark last Wednesday and lost 24-26, 21-25, and 22-25.

“I am more satisfied with the game against Moorpark more than Long Beach. They just let themselves down by not competing as well as they should have,” Pattison said. “We played pretty good against Moorpark; they showed a solid team performances.”

For Pattison, as long as the team plays hard and give everything it has during the game, she is more than satisfied.

“It’s not the shame of losing but the shame of not leaving everything out on the court,” Pattison said.

Despite all of the challenges, the Warriors look forward to the bye week tomorrow and hope take a advantage of the break.

“A bye will be good, especially for injuries,” Landen Tusieseina said.

With Tusieseina’s hurt arm and Giancarlo Guerra hurt shoulder, the team looks forward to their week off.

However, the injuries the team is facing haven’t affected the team’s confidence.

“A break would be good because we have been playing non-stop,” Suzuki said.

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