7 photos portraying a once abandoned campus, slowly coming back to life

The sun, red-cast from the fire-induced smokey atmosphere, reflects against El Camino College’s emblem on the Industry and Technology Education Center building on Wednesday, Sept. 16. The ITEC building houses some of the few classes allowed to meet in person, such as classes for students in EC’s police academy. Jaime Solis/ The Union
Despite the lights in the halls of EC’s Social Sciences building and remaining on, the doors to classes throughout campus will remain closed for the foreseeable future, extending at least into spring semester. Image taken on Wednesday, Sept. 16. Jaime Solis/ The Union
This cat sits before a phantom audience at the benches on the South side of the Music building. Students would normally be sitting here between classes but with classes online for the semester, they remain unused. Jaime Solis/ The Union.
A cat idles near the empty food court on the Northeast side of EC’s Art and Behavioral Science building. Normally bustling with students, the ongoing pandemic and the unhealthy air quality keeps this cat’s territory free of people. Image taken Wednesday, Sept. 16. Jaime Solis/ The Union.
Classic cars and swing music painted the town red on EC’s campus on Saturday, Sept. 19, during the Summer Swing Nights event, hosted by Aaron Jacobs Productions. Normally a live event, this year the event used a hybrid format, streaming it to audiences safely at home while providing a drive-in event to those interested. Christine Olsen, member of the Swing Tonettes, poses in front of one of the classic cars on display for the event. Jaime Solis/ The Union.
Sarah Stallman, member of The Swing Tones, gives her swing-styled rendition of Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” during Summer Swing Nights on Saturday, Sept. 19. The Swing Tones was one of the performances of the night, taking over the second half of the event. Jaime Solis/ The Union.
Despite the unhealthy air quality from the fires raging across Northern California, families and members of the community around EC continue to use the campus as an open location for leisure. Image taken on Wednesday, Sept. 16. Jaime Solis/ The Union.