Campus Viewpoints: 2020 Presidential Election


Illustration and photo by Rachel Maldonado/The Union

As student voter registration numbers rise across community and state college campuses, voting serves as an additional platform for students to be an active voice in the Nov. 3 presidential election.

Five El Camino College students reflect on who they are voting for in the coming days.

Joshua Terry, 20, political science major

“I really agree with his [Donald Trump’s] policies, as far as especially his foreign policy. Part of the biggest reason too is, I think the media and academia in general has been vindictive towards Trump, as far as being malicious and taking his words. Trump says a lot of stupid dumb stuff, right. Every time he says a stupid dumb thing the media and teachers and everyone freaks out like it’s the end of the world. Even though it’s just Trump and he says a ton of dumb stuff. It’s not good when he says dumb stuff. But, I think acting like it’s the end of the world is something crazy, just shows that they’re kind of politically driven and I’m not too big of a fan of that.”

Lorraine Munoz, 19, sociology major

“I truly do believe in the whole settling thing of voting for Biden, just because I strongly disagree with Trump’s views. It does make me sad, but it is in a sense of settling rather than being so passionate about actually having a president I feel excited to have.”

Jasmine Rodriguez, 22, administration of justice major

“I like that he [Joe Biden] has a plan and always explains it. Trump says he has a plan, but he never goes into detail and that makes me think he doesn’t have one.”

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Jeffrey Sarpong, 18

“What he [Joe Biden] wants to do will help people like me more than what Trump wants to do.”

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Brianna Duarte,19, photography major

“I feel like I look and see what’s going on in the news and both sides. I feel that it’s so different now, with what [what’s] going [on] with the pandemic I feel like Biden and his campaign and his helpers handle it more calmly than Trump and I feel that’s very important, especially now because we don’t even have a [COVID-19] vaccine yet.”

Editor’s note: Headline was updated on Oct. 29.