Bringing his talents back to the South Bay


Coach Gifford Lindheim observes practice Tuesday, March 29 before he implements his system to the football program. Photo credit: Jo Rankin

UPDATE 4/2, 12:30 a.m.: Santa Monica College won the Southern California Football Association American Division Championship game, not the state championship in 2015.

That’s how being part a part of the El Camino family must feel for some.

And of course, the big news on campus as of late, former Santa Monica College head coach Gifford Lindheim has not only accepted the head coaching position at El Camino, but at the March 21 board of trustees meeting, he was officially hired.

Many players, students and recent supporters may not know, but Lindheim was once a Warrior. He was the defensive coordinator during El Camino’s 2008-09 season and he helped former head coach John Featherstone by leading the defense to become a top-five defense.

With that being said, we would like to extend Lindheim a warm welcome back to the El Camino campus and football team.

But not only that, we think that the athletic division has done a great job, not just finding the right prospect to replace John Featherstone, after his retirement, but also being able to persuade him to come to El Camino.

Lindheim had been coaching SMC for five seasons and in the 2015 campaign he led the team to an undefeated finish (first time in 35 years) and a state championship, not only that, but he coached the No. 1 offense in the state. In Southern California Football Association American Division Championship game they displayed their superiority over Victor Valley, 63-0.

So with such credentials backing him up, there’s nothing but praise, hype and expectations following him.

Will he do what he did at Santa Monica? Will he bring another state championship back to El Camino? Will he follow in the footsteps of Featherstone?