Joining clubs promotes campus spirit and pride

Let’s get to the point.

EC is a community college. The majority of students attending this campus are here to meet their requirements and transfer to their “real” school.

In and out, that is most of students’ plan.

As a former, Union newspaper editor-in-chief and the current Online and Warrior Life magazine EIC, I get the importance of being involved on campus but am unsure if other students do, too.

However, during my time at Club Rush, I’ve discovered that although EC is seen as a stepping stone to bigger and better things, there is that other part of the student body that wants to involve other students on campus, as much as I do.

While working on my story about Club Rush, I interviewed club members that were extremely passionate about their involvement on campus, as well as wanting to get students to care.

“This is more than just getting people to join,” Chris Lee, Chess Club member said. “It’s about promoting campus spirit within your school.”

He wasn’t the only one with the same ideas and thoughts.

Table after table, I kept introducing myself, exchanging contact information and talking it up with students. And the same message came from each one of them: to unify the campus community and have pride in being part of EC.

And Brianne Coleman, member of the cheer squad echoed everyone else’s beliefs.

“Some people meet their best friends here and build lasting relationships,” Coleman said.