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Students meet their campus government in first ever Student Concerns Forum

The Social Justice Center at El Camino College was open and ready to greet visitors early on Monday, Sept. 25. The first ever Student Concerns Forum would be hosted there later on Oct. 4. (Delfino Camacho | The Union)

Students were able to ask questions and speak directly to student representatives who were willing to listen to and consider their opinions.

Discussions between the Associated Students Organization (ASO) and El Camino College students occurred during the first ever Student Concerns Forum in the Social Justice Center on Oct. 4.

Paralegal Studies major Frankie Davis, 29, voiced concerns about the connection between ASO and the student body.

“The ASO should communicate clearly with the students about what the ASO does for me,” Davis said.

Davis added ASO should make information more easily accessible so students can see what the organization is advocating for.

Other students expressed similar thoughts with some recommending the ASO should use social media and even physical flyers to show students what the student organization is doing for them.

“The beauty of community college is that everyone is different and has different opinions, and it is our job to represent them,” ASO President Jose Merino said. “I am here to listen to what the students say; that’s who we advocate for.”

Merino said the ASO will start to host monthly student forums to be able to listen to more student concerns and opinions.

During the forum ASO Director Of External Affairs Danielle Kabboul presented three main focus points the organization wants to prioritize this fall semester: advocate for students with disabilities, provide healthier food options and support re-entry students.

“To keep the campus readily accessible to students with disabilities, the ASO plans to evaluate each building,” Kabboul said.

Kabboul also expressed concerns about the current food options on campus.

“The primary food insecurity issue on campus is [there are] not enough options for students who may have religious or health reasons they only eat certain foods,” she said.

Beyond a re-evaluation of the food options, the ASO will also try to make EBT accepted throughout the dining options on campus.

The goal with these forums is to have ongoing communication and give students a dedicated platform to express their concerns and ideas, while allowing ASO to engage with the student community.

“I want to allow the students to share how they feel about the projects that I’m taking up,” Kabboul said.

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