New phase in the Guided Pathways Program is underway

Editor’s Note:

  • Article updated to add co-Coordinator’s name on March 23 at 9:39 a.m.

Rebuilding and rebranding the Meta-Majors Success Teams at El Camino College’s Guided Pathways program was a major note during a short Academic Senate meeting on Tuesday, March 21.

The Guided Pathways Meta-Majors Success Teams are composed of specific meta-major representatives from employees and students around campus.

English professor and co-Coordinator of Guided Pathways Chris Page said the program provides an opportunity to further assist students.

“There are opportunities to increase past mentors that are available to embed tutoring and counseling services into gateway courses and to provide a point of reference when you need assistance with either one student or a group of students,” Page said.

Page said moving forward, the program is attempting to represent faculty from different departments and programs of the successful teams.

Through the Guided Pathways program, different pillars are used to create student success. Page said currently, their main focus has shifted to the fourth pillar, which is to ensure learning.

The fourth pillar intends to make sure what students are learning in their class will leave them with great outcomes that will further their future career endeavors.

“These are sort of the updates we have now,” Page said. “We are holding lead meetings… and the new projects should be finalized by the end of this semester in terms of what the focus will be on in the fall.”