El Camino athlete and aspiring firefighter dies at 21

El Camino College baseball player and aspiring firefighter Cameron Schneider died at the age of 21.

Schneider’s death was announced by the El Camino baseball team’s social media accounts on Friday, March 3.

Hailing from Peninsula High School, Schneider played baseball at El Camino and was on track to follow in his family’s footsteps to go into firefighting according to close friend Nico Anvirapour.

Anvirapour, 21, grew up knowing Schneider in middle school and said their friendship really “blossomed into a brotherhood” over the years as they both pursued going into firefighting together.

“His dad was a big-time captain for LA County,” Anvaripour said. “I think after a while he realized it was his calling.”

Anvaripour said his last conversation with Schneider was discussing questions he had about the emergency medical technician exams and asking about his day.

“It’s heartbreaking for me in the sense that I can understand his dreams and what he wanted to do,” Anvaripour said. “I can never imagine that being taken away from you.”

Officially, there is no information about a service for Schneider or a tribute from the Warriors baseball team.

“[Schneider] really had a passion for helping other people,” Anvaripour said. “He was a people person and that’s why he would’ve been so good for the job.”

This is a developing story.