Construction updates presented at Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee meeting

Construction progress and completion on the El Camino College campus were presented and discussed at the Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee meeting on Wednesday, March 23.

Jorge Gutierrez presented a list of construction projects that have already been finished under “milestones” as well as ongoing construction projects, documenting projects over a three-year period.

“Then we get into the what was accomplished or the milestones during July first, 2020, to June 30, 2021,” Gutierrez said.

The student services center was mentioned first on the milestones list as completed in August 2019, Gutierrez then said that the gymnasium project was completed in November of the same year.

The last completed projects featured on the construction list were the pool complex with one “adaptive” and one “competition” pool and the Administration Building Project both completed in 2020.

The unfinished projects included the new bookstore coffee shop “El Cappuccino Café,” and the Baseball field project.

The baseball field is described as having, “substantial completion” as of January 2022. The other projects on the list had various anticipated dates throughout 2022 with the coffee shop having the soonest completion date listed for March 31, 2022.

The presentation was later handed off to Bond Project Manager Khloe Campos who added an update about the bookstore cafe construction.

“For the El Cappuccino Cafe project we are… actually working to get substantial completion next week, Campos said, “so, the end is very near, everyone’s really excited.”