Institutional Learning Outcomes revisions proposed

An Institutional Learning Outcomes revision proposal that aligns with the Guided Pathways framework was proposed in the hopes to create more meaningful core competencies at El Camino College.

During the Academic Senate meeting on Oct. 19, Vice President of Instructional Effectiveness Kevin Degnan introduced the revision and said that the current Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILO) statements are “obscure or lack in meaning.”

The ILO statement revisions will follow the four pillars of Guided Pathways implemented in California Community Colleges which are “Clarify the Path”, “Enter the Path”, “Stay on the Path” and “Ensure Learning.”

The proposition is up for approval at the next Academic Senate meeting on Nov. 2. The goal of the ILO revisions will be to combine the course level Student Learning and Program Learning outcomes, but at an institutional level.

Degnan said that this can also make way for assessments that are not only limited to academic affairs and courses, but also in counseling, student services and other areas that will show evident improvement at El Camino College.

EDITORS NOTE: This story was updated on Oct. 21 to correct a name.