Voters at ECC weigh in on elections so far

While the world watches the dust settle on the 2020 Presidential Elections, many await with bated breath the outcome of the entirety of their states’ general elections.

Jameelaah Owens, a 29-year-old political science major at UC Riverside, identifies herself with the Green Party. She drove down to Southern California from Victorville to watch the incoming results from the polls while visiting a cousin who attends El Camino College.

“All we did all day was keep track of the election,” Owens said. “It’s been stressful.”

She was surprised by some results, such as Michigan going from a ‘red state’ to ‘blue state’ overnight, but other post-election acts, like president Donald Trump declaring himself the winner of the presidential race before ballots were fully counted, did not surprise her.

While not particularly a fan of either candidate, she was in favor of Joe Biden winning the race. While largely ambivalent about most of the California propositions, Proposition 16, which dealt with affirmative action, was one Owens had her eye on and was glad it was rejected at the polls.

“It caused a lot of arguments in my family,” Owens said. “I don’t understand how it got on the ballot.”