Votes near final tally in Board of Trustees race

As election night comes to an end in Los Angeles County, voters have put Kenneth Brown, Trisha Murakawa and Katherine Steinbroner Maschler in the lead for El Camino College Board of Trustee in Areas one, three and four, according to the Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters.

In Area one, Kenneth A. Brown leads George A. Turner Jr. by 40.24%, according to the LA County Registrar. As numbers continue to roll in, Brown feels hopeful for the official results.

“I’m optimistic. I was optimistic going into the election and during the campaign. [And] so far, it looks like the voting population of Inglewood and Ladera Heights are resonating with me. But again, it’s still a little early. And so I’ve not broken the bottle of sparkling cider just yet,” Brown said.

Meanwhile, Area three candidate Trisha Murakawa is ahead of her opponent, Siannah Collado Boutte, by 18.83%, according to the LA County Registrar. Since every vote has not been counted yet, Murakawa remains optimistic but not yet ready to celebrate.

“I’m feeling good… I can’t say [why I’m ahead], and it’s not over till it’s over,” Murakawa said.

In Area four, Katherine Steinbroner Maschler, the only candidate who sought no endorsements, is ahead of her opponents, David M. Kartsonis and Nicole A. Ryan, by 12.18%. Above all, Maschler is pleasantly shocked at her performance tonight.

“I’m a bit surprised because [I] didn’t go out and try to get endorsements and didn’t want any. I didn’t ask for money, didn’t want any and [was] just doing it by the person I am. And I know that’s not exactly a way to win a campaign or win an election. So I think surprised would be the word,” Maschler said.

So far, only 72.8% of precincts are reporting their numbers, and are doing so partially, so the election results are still unofficial, according to the California Secretary of State’s Office.

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