Nine officials appointed to student government


Associated Student Organization (ASO) committee members discuss agenda items in the Distance Education Room on Thursday, Oct. 24. Senate members talked about moving their offices to the Manhattan Beach Boulevard Modules. Photo credit: Diamond Brown

Student government officials unanimously approved the designation of nine new officials to the Associated Students Organization at a meeting Thursday, Oct. 24.

The new members are comprised of two senators, four commissioners, two division council members and one court justice.

“Appointments of new members is important because there are more people available to help support during activities,” Chief Justice of the Judicial Court Mario Lopez said.

The Associated Students Organization’s (ASO) new officials were able to participate in deciding on a nickname for the Student Activities Center interim offices located in the Manhattan Beach Boulevard Modules (MBBM) bungalows next to the Natural Sciences Building and Industry Technology Education Center.

The old Student Activities Center will be demolished in December so its student development services and student government offices are relocating to the MBBM bungalows by Monday, Oct. 28, Associated Students Organization Adviser Debbie Allison said during the meeting.

Some officials mentioned that giving the center a nickname would make students feel more welcomed.

The idea was brought up during a cabinet meeting and while the senate is still brainstorming names, some it has come up with so far are: “The Hub”, “The Spot”, “The Center” and “The Polestar”. Voting for the name has not taken place yet.

The senate also discussed painting the outside of it’s new office in the MBBM bungalows.

Some members thought it might be a good idea to have the new fine arts members of the senate inquire about having some students in their field help with painting the wall.

Having new people join the committee brings more representation of other places on campus, Lopez said.

“New members adds a lot of new perspectives”, Commissioner of Human Resources Frida Linero said. “You have new ideas being presented that maybe some of us haven’t thought of.”