Muslim Student Association holds Eid prayer at Murdock Stadium

The Muslim Student Association (MSA) of El Camino College organized the congregation prayer for Eid Al-Adha at Murdock Stadium Sunday, August 11.

Thousands of people arrived as early as 7 a.m., coming from the Islamic Center of South Bay and Islamic Center of Hawthorne communities, to celebrate the second of two yearly Islamic holidays, which commemorates Prophet Abraham’s sacrifice.

The prayer was also facilitated by ASO President Urwa Kainat who said recent hate crimes against Muslim communities spurred the idea of providing a secure location for Eid Al-Adha prayer, instead of it being at a mosque or public venue, like a park.

EC police cadets assisted attendees with parking while officers patrolled and secured the area around Murdock Stadium during prayer, Kainat said.

“Knowing members of the community felt very uneasy about practicing their religion, El Camino stepped up and showed inclusivity,” Kainat said.

Kainat added this was the first time a religious celebration like Eid Al-Adha took place at EC and is hopeful there will be more in the future.