Students walk through the array of tents that make up Club Rush. Feb. 25, 2019. Photo credit: Elena Perez

Over 40 clubs demonstrate campus culture in Club Rush

March 3, 2019

Tents lined the walkway through the Library Lawn, which was soon filled with a cacophony of sounds and colors as club members and organizers prepared their booths for El Camino College’s biannual Club Rush.

Students walking through the library lawn from Monday, Feb. 25 to Thursday, Feb. 28 had the opportunity to learn about various clubs on campus.


Members of the ASO club made games and a photo booth available for students. Feb. 25, 2019. Photo credit: Elena Perez

An estimated 40 clubs participated this spring in an effort to get face time with and attract potential club members.

“Club Rush is important for getting that group of dedicated people into your club,” Wiley Wilson, sociology major and director of diversity at the Inter-Club Council, said.


Arturo Barba, 30, history major and Vice-president of the Teacher’s Club (left), discussing club rush with Wiley Wilson, 21, sociology major and Director of Diversity at ICC. Feb. 27, 2019. Photo credit: Jaime Solis

Some clubs, like the Cosmetology Club, took advantage of club rush to set up demos for students, in this case—an outdoor hair salon providing make-overs for passing students.

“I like braids but didn’t know how to make them,” Carlene Cui, marine biology major, said. “So I stopped by.”


Carlene Cui, 24, marine biology major, posing for a picture after getting braids at the Cosmetology Club’s outdoor salon during Club Rush. Feb. 27, 2019. Photo credit: Jaime Solis

Tatum Patterson, cosmetology major and vice president of the Cosmetology Club said she participates in Club Rush to express her joy in the field.

“I grew up doing hair, including my siblings’,” Patterson said. “I’ve always had a passion [for hair].”

Marco Angulo, sociology major and member of the Veteran’s Club, said he participates in Club Rush as a way of giving back and informing the community.

“At first I joined to find out about my benefits as a veteran,” Angulo said, “It’s a challenging transition but this club acted as a support group.”

Although students like Alex Monge, sociology major, had a limited time frame, they still stopped by at the mosaic of clubs as some featured live classical music performances and a giant Pikachu.


A giant Pikachu marches through club rush. Feb. 27, 2019. Photo credit: Jaime Solis

“I saw a lot of what I wanted to see,” Monge said. “But I think maybe extended hours would allow me to see more.”

According to the Child Development Club, they take pride in their involvement with the community, providing events such as the “You & Me Play Group” that creates a play area for children and parents on the Library Lawn.

“Child development isn’t just about school but about the community.” Fernanda Salgado, child development major and president of the Child Development Club said.“This club acts as a way to connect teachers, parents, and students as a community.”

On the last day of Club Rush, the line of blue tents faded to their monochrome hue as a light drizzle began to fall, causing interested students to disperse during the last hours of club rush.

Raynesha Sadler, cosmetology major, said that the success of this year’s event can only be attributed to the variety of clubs that participated and the community’s interest in new experiences.


El Camino College Police Department attempts to lure potential cadets. Feb. 25, 2019. Photo credit: Elena Perez

“Club Rush is great for exploring diversity and support,” Sadler added. “It’s a great opportunity for the community to teach each other.”


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