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EC students comment on voting.

The Union recently interviewed students about their opinions on voting in the upcoming election.

Christian Garcia

Christian Garcia is a 19-year-old Philosophy major who has been going to El Camino for three years.

Garcia said that he registered to vote through, an online service which enables people to register to vote online, he plans to vote in the

“Yeah, I think it’s important to vote because it’s literally the only way to voice your opinion. Even though it’s a slim chance, you should still participate. Just like how people play the lotto, it isn’t likely to win but that slim chance of it actually happening is worth it,” Garcia said.

Kristi Uyema

19-year-old Asian studies major Kristi Uyema is in her second year at EC.

Uyema registered to vote when she turned 18, and plans to vote in this coming election.

Uyema said that she believes that voting is important because “it affects us.”

Gavin Higa

Gavin Higa is a 19-year-old Theater major, he registered to vote through

“I think it’s good to vote because people have the right to voice their opinions, and when they don’t and complain about their current situations, they’re part of the problem. Also it doesn’t take a lot of people to get an idea across, so every vote matters,” Higa said.

Holly Ackley

19-year-old undecided major Holly Ackley is in her second year at EC and is not registered to vote, but did say that she would like to.

“I never go around to register. I think it’s more important to vote, especially in young people, because we should have a voice on how our future will turn out,” Ackley said.

Leenah Hashmi

Leenah Hashmi is a 19-year-old cognitive science major in her second year at EC.

Hashmi used the MyEcc portal to register to vote and plans on voting in the election.

“I do plan on voting cause it plays a crucial role in our futures. I registered through myecc last year because I wanted to take part in this year’s midterm elections,” Hashmi said.

Marleyna Martin

Marleyna Martin is an 18-year-old, nursing major in her second year at EC, she is not registered to vote and does not plan on voting.

“Although I don’t plan to vote, I do think it is important because, like they say, every voice matters. The reason I choose not to is because I don’t understand it. The system is too complicated and I don’t personally care for politics,” Martin said.

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