Annual DUI fair comes in at end of October

The 18th Annual DUI Awareness Fair will take place on Wednesday, Oct. 31 and will be hosted by the El Camino College Police Department.

The event will take place on the south side of the Student Activities Center and will be focused on informing attendees on the risks of driving while under the influence.

The DUI Fair is open to the public and will have activities that attendees can participate in which are designed to show how much effect that drugs and alcohol can have.

One of these activities has attendees wearing goggles that simulate alcohol and drug impairment while driving a golf cart through a golf course.

El Camino College Police Sgt. Jeffrey Lewis said “The fair brings out a nice population of students. Lot of people come, a lot of visitors and news crews too.”

For more information about the event contact the EC Police Department: at 310-660-3100.