XXXTentacion LA Memorial turned into riot

Update: 9:47 a.m. June, 28 2018; Published again with video added.

A memorial in Los Angeles for rapper XXXTentacion, who was killed in Florida recently, turned into a riot on Tuesday, June 19, an El Camino College student said.

The memorial was hosted by Adam Grandmaison, an entertainer who invited fans to his Melrose Avenue store, onsomeshit, at 8 p.m. over his Twitter account, @adam22.

“If you loved X come through,” Grandmaison said in his original Tweet.

The street was filled by the time 22-year-old El Camino College business major Jon Yamasaki arrived.

“As soon as we get there to the middle of the street I notice like the whole area, like the whole block within where the neighborhood started to the other side was completely flooded with people, and they’re just doing chants and stuff, while playing his music,” Yamasaki said.

Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, also known as XXXTentacion, was killed the previous day on Monday, June 18 in Miami Florida, allegedly by Dedrick Williams, a 22-year-old man who has been charged with first degree murder, according to Williams’ arrest report.

As the memorial continued, the crowd grew more excited, jumping on buildings and cars, this escalated when CBS News arrived, prompting many to attempt to be seen by the cameras, Yamasaki said.


“They started messing with the CBS guy, and they started jumping on his truck, I thought at one point they were trying to flip it over but I don’t think it worked out they just like jumped on it,” Yamasaki said, adding that “that’s when the riot squad showed up.”


It is unclear who began firing, if it was the riot squad firing warning shots or if the rioters were the first to throw bottles, bricks, and other various objects at the riot squad, but soon after the two groups met, both sides began firing on each other, Yamasaki said.