El Camino College students graduate

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Graduates sitting at the 71st Annual Commencement Ceremony. Photo credit: Ernesto Sanchez
Mother and son holding up The Union’s graduation frame before graduating together . Trent Kalscheuer, 20, History major and Lori Kalscheuer, 50, general studies. Photo credit: Ernesto Sanchez


El Camino College graduates get food from caterers at the lunch held for them. Photo credit: Quinn Buffandeau

El Camino College students graduated on Friday, June 8, the ceremony was at 4 p.m. at Murdock Stadium immediately after a lunch put on for the graduates on the library lawn at 1 p.m.

The Keynote Speaker of the ceremony, Meghan Tatu, gave a speech to the graduates.

“You are the example to others of the reward to initiative and resilience… you can and you will accomplish whatever you set out to achieve,” Tatu said.

At the lunch before the ceremony, graduates took pictures, ate, and generally celebrated their graduation from the college.

A caterer gives a child a fruit kebab at the lunch for graduates. Photo credit: Quinn Buffandeau

Some students were planning to transfer, such as 24-year-old theater major Miles Brown, who planned to take the summer off and then transfer to California State University, Northridge.

Brown gave his advice to new students in an interview at the lunch.

“You don’t have to necessarily know what you want to go for in terms of majoring right when you get (to El Camino College) but you definitely want to do it in a timely manner because you don’t want to be (at El Camino College) forever,” Brown said.

While Brown highlighted the urgency he felt students should have while attending, 22-year-old administrative justice major Eduardo Prado wanted to highlight his thoughts on the college.

“It’s a good school, people kind of I feel like sometimes (will) be like ‘oh yeah that school is kind of bad,’ but it’s a really good school,” Prado said.

El Camino College Police Officers ready in case of emergency at the lunch for graduates. Photo credit: Quinn Buffandeau