ASO elections underway on Library Lawn

Students are currently voting to fill open positions at the Associated Student Organization (ASO).

Voting is open for all registered students and will take place until tomorrow, Wednesday, May 9 on the Library Lawn.

Election winners will be announced this Friday at the Student Activities Center and will take office one week after graduation.

Dale Rouse, 21, communications major, voted in the election this semester.

“I walked by and found they were giving out cookies,” Rouse said. “I’m trying to make a difference in student life.”

While some students are getting involved with the ASO elections, others are choosing not to.

“I have no intention on voting in the elections,” Biology major Paulo Briggs, 19, said. “I’m just not interested.”

Joseph Mardesich, 19, business major is running for ASO president with the hopes of implementing more services directed towards students. Mardesich said if he were president, he would rally for therapy dogs on campus every month, better wi-fi, and more tables around campus for students with charging stations.

“I don’t want a resume booster,” Mardesich said. “I want to make people happy.”