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Series of workshops promote student wellness

If you’re struggling with campus life, stress management or any other personal problem, worry no more; the Student Health Center is hosting Wellness Wednesdays.

Wellness Wednesdays is a series of workshops designed to help students with problems that may be affecting them.

“This is the second semester that we are hosting Wellness Wednesday workshops for students,” Victoria Kwon, psychology professor, said. “They were well attended, and we received good feedback, so we decided to continue offering them.”

The topics vary from managing stress to managing relationships, all of them being relatable to today’s society.

“Something like this would have helped me last year. It’s hard knowing when your relationship is bad,” Lori Vegas, undecided major, 18, said. “I would attend this to make sure I don’t make the same mistakes.”

There were many people involved in picking the topics for the workshop.

“Many of the staff at the Student Health Center have been working with El Camino students for years and some for even decades,” Kwon said. “I asked staff what concerns them most commonly see as well as drew from my own decade in the field.”

Help in deciding came from a variety of sources from students, staff, even school clubs.

“The Psychology Club was kind enough to have me in one of their meetings,” Kwon said. “There, I let them know about my hope to have workshops that were relevant to the campus, I asked for their opinions on helpful topics.”

Students admitted to needing workshops like Wellness Wednesdays.

“Making new friends has always been a struggle for me, this could really help,” Jane Lorenzo, 18, undecided major, said.

Both students and professors agree that this is something that could be benifical for students.

“Healthy relationships and helping a friend are interesting to me,” Kassia Wosick, sociology professor, said. “I think a lot of times we talk about lovers, boyfriends, girlfriends, and hookups. We don’t talk a lot about friendship or how to handle friend in need when friends are big part of our lives.”

Between work, studying, and having a social life being a college student at times is very stressful.

“El Camino has always provided workshops,” Susan Nilles, nurse practitioner and director of Student Health Services, said. “They can be held in a group or a one-on-one session.”

It’s important to know that there are resources at school that could help.

“Free therapy sessions are offered at the Student Health Center,” Nilles said. “It’s important to be present and that students know that we are here.”

Dr. Wosick feels like this could really help students transition into the next part of their lives.

“This age time in our lives there’s a lot of stuff that happens and changes,” Wosick said. “If we can give you opportunities to develop your skills give you some tools that you could use in you friendship and intimate relationships then that’s just gonna make (students) healthier, not only in terms of school, but terms of life.”

Wosick agrees that El Camino is a great place to get help in both school and any other personal problem.

“One of the things I like about El Camino College is that it is a great place to make you academically stronger but also personally stronger,” Wosick said.

The workshops are held on the first Wednesday each month at the Student Health Center.

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