Students react to the propositions passed during election day

A total of 17 propositions were on the Nov. 8 ballot during this year’s election.

Proposition 64, which seemed to be the biggest deal for El Camino students, was passed yesterday and with the approval of the prop, marijuana is now legal in California.

California is one of nine states and 10 U.S. territories (District of Columbia is not considered a state), to legalize recreational marijuana use after yesterday’s polls, but that’s not been considered a good thing by some people.

“I don’t agree with the approval of prop 64, because I don’t want my kids to grow up and think that smoking (marijuana) is seen as a good thing,” Jasmine Franco, 20, kinesiology major, said.

Alternatively, Sarai Lugo, 18, music major, was all for the legalization of marijuana in California.

“It’s not like cocaine that could seriously damage you because that’s not safe,” Lugo said.

While marijuana use was important for some, another student wanted Proposition 57, which would allow parole consideration for nonviolent felons, to pass because it was relevant to him and people he knew.

“(Prop 57) will help out the minority groups. A lot of black and Hispanic people are being kept in jail for (minor things). These are people that grow up without a father and they go down the wrong path,” Justin Aguis, 18, computer science major, said. “They don’t get the opportunities to make up for what they’ve done, it’s such a big loop.”

Mahlet Hailegebriel, 18, psychology major, was less concerned about the proposition involving prisoners and felt that propositions 62 and 66, which both deal with the death penalty, were far more important.

“I think they should take the death penalty away because they are being hypocritical when they tell us we can’t kill and they’re taking lives of people,” Hailegebriel said. “They aren’t God and have no right to do that. I think the people should do their time and just suffer in prison.”