‘Hitler,’ deportation and a Donald Trump presidency

In one of the closest Presidential Elections to date, Donald Trump won the seat of President of the United States over Hillary Clinton in a 279 to 228 Electoral College vote, despite Clinton winning the popular vote, after last night’s election.

While the win for Trump created a national division made evident on social media, there seems to a legitimate fear of Trump being the 45th president for students at El Camino.

“I think it’s scary, very worrisome (and) it’s terrible. I also think that it’s humiliating, (now we) look more foolish to other countries,” Adeli Ramos, 19, psychology major, said. “(Last night) I felt like we were watching Hitler.”

Adolf Hitler was the leader of Nazi Germany (and one of the most powerful and influential leaders in history) which massacred millions of Jews, gypsies, gays and more during World War II, according to History.com.

Although Trump has not verbally suggested killing non-white Americans, students are fearful.

“I’m an immigrant … (and) a bi-racial, bisexual woman,” Jerusalem Fela, 20, linguistic major, said. “I’m scared for women, for Muslims, for people of color. I do not know why anyone thought it was a good idea (to vote for Trump), but honestly I think that this country will be in a nuclear war.”

Jema Brizuela, 20, psychology major, has given up on living in the U.S. due to Trump winning the presidency.

“It was a pleasure to get an education in America,” Brizuela said. “I may get deported next week.”

This is one of the biggest elections in U.S. history as Clinton could have become the first ever female president and while many are disparaged from her loss, Trump winning isn’t causing a problem for others.

“I don’t care about the election because of my faith in God,” Willy Corea, 20, Spanish major, said. “I believe that God will always have control.”