Board of trustees declines to speak on lawsuit of Lot C; continues with regular meeting

Despite discussion from the board of trustees last meeting, which involved El Camino Village suing EC over the construction of Lot C, the board made it very clear that the issue would not be made public until further information is established.

President Dena Maloney declined to comment on the lawsuit at this time and said that she wished to maintain a diplomatic rapport between both parties.

The El Camino board of trustees met on Monday evening to discuss upcoming events and plan the next meeting, scheduled for Nov. 21, in which the board will expand their discussion on upcoming matters.

Issues to be discussed include the board of trustees elections, which will take place in 2019, the Strong Workforce Program and the El Camino Foundation Alumni Outreach Campaign.

The board took a brief moment to address the public hearing negotiation between the EC School District and the EC Police Officers Association, which they would not elaborate on.

The board of trustees will meet on Nov. 21.