Hydration systems coming to campus

The student government at El Camino has approved the installation of purified water stations on campus, the Associated Student Organization (ASO) president said.

“This encourages students to drink more water, as well as save a lot of money and in the process save the environment due to reduced plastic wastes,” Dalili said.

Dalili has been working to have stations placed on campus since the beginning of spring 2016, and he said that the funding for this project comes from students who are buying ASB stickers.

The proposal was sent back and sent again to the College Council, and was approved by the board of trustees.

The new hydration stations are coming from the company FloWater. According to the FloWater website, the main goal is to hydrate students as well as reduce plastic waste.

The hydration stations are scheduled to be installed in mid-November.

There will be five hydration stations installed on campus and they will located in the Math Business Allied Health Building (MBA), Music Building, Student Services, Activities Center and Humanities Building.

“A lot of people want these systems installed onto the campus because it can really save both the students and the school a lot of money,” Dalili said. “These systems have the best filtration systems and this is the best water you can buy.”

There is no charge to use the hydration stations, and once these systems are installed Dalili said ASO plans to have a promotion where they give students free canteens, while supplies last.

For more information about FloWater, visit www.myflowater.com.