Alleged armed robber of two El Camino students arrested


The alleged armed robber of two El Camino students was arrested with his companions in Gardena on Sept. 5, the Sheriff’s Department said.

On Aug. 31, two El Camino students were allegedly robbed of their iPhones at gunpoint an hour apart outside of campus.

The suspect, identified as Jhakaree Tyree King, was then seen on Sept. 5 with his companions stealing another iPhone, Lt. John Hocking said.

King and his companions were all caught that same day by the Gardena Police Department, Lt. Hocking said.

“Gardena did an outstanding job at arresting those violent-robbery suspects,” Hocking said.

The sheriff’s department is looking to send the report to the district attorney’s office, but no court dates have not been made yet.

Hocking added that all EC students, staff and faculty members should be aware of their surroundings at all times in case of emergency.