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Public expresses concerns over Lot C construction at board of trustees meeting

The board of trustees was greeted with emotions of anger, frustration and sadness as members of the community voiced their opinions over construction of the new Lot C parking lot, last Wednesday.

The board opened its meeting with public comment, where all five of the public commenters called for construction to stop on Lot C, citing concerns of privacy and possible procedural failures within the project.

One of the speakers, former El Camino student Matt Skinner, is hoping for the school to demolish floors three and four at least.

“My personal mission is to have the structure demolished or at least reduced in size,” Skinner said. “To comply with the studies that were done and what was shown to the public.”

Skinner is referring to the 2012 facilities master plan, which includes plans for a 700-space parking structure on Lot C, and a 700-space additional third floor on Lot F.

However, no expansion of Lot F has been announced, only the seismic retrofitting construction that started during spring semester.

Tom Bernard, 63, a resident of El Camino Village for 33 years, also opposes the new parking structure questioned when the Lot C parking lot was even approved.

The construction of Lot C was approved by the board on April 21, 2014, according to an email from Community Relations Director Ann Garten, while minutes from an April 14, 2014, facilities steering committee meeting detail plans closer to what is currently being built on Lot C.

“Due to the fact that Lot F could not be expanded to a third level, a larger parking structure was needed. This parking structure is now planned as a five level, 1400–1500 parking space lot,” according tot eh email.

Similar questions would follow from public commenters, but for now Lot C construction will continue.

“We are not looking to stop construction in the next few weeks but we will look over all paper work,” board president Ken Brown said.

The board discussed the issue and settled on a two week period to gather information on the topic before further action.

The next board of trustees meeting is Monday, Oct. 17 at 4 p.m.

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