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The board of trustees hasn’t selected the next president, at this point anything is possible’

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The board of trustees hasn’t selected the next president, at this point anything is possible’

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There is still no indication of a president being chosen to replace the school’s current president after the board of trustees meeting ended Monday.

Vice President of the Board of Trustees, Ken Brown tweeted that, “Board Meeting at 4pm today. Will the Board make an announcement regarding the CEO search? Come and find out!!”

There was no announcement or update at the meeting about the selection of a CEO.

In regards to searching for a president Trustee John Vargas said “It’s been a great process…each one of the (candidates) has been superb.”

To end the meeting it was called into closed session by Brown, due to the tardiness of president Bill Beverly.

“I said there might be a decision,” Brown said regarding his tweet. “If the board makes a decision right now, then everything will probably go through Community Relations Director Ann Garten’s office.”

Garten said she is waiting on the board to make a decision and then she can notify the campus on who the next president will be.

Garten added that once the board selects a president the individual still has to accept the job and then she can notify the campus immediately.

The board had an off-campus meeting at the Manhattan Beach Marriott last Saturday and conducted extended interviews with two candidates JoAnna Downey-Schilling, vice president of student affairs at Cerritos College and Dena Maloney, president of Taft College .

“We have five candidates and we decided to talk a little bit more,” Brown said. “We’re deciding if that was enough or if we want to have more conversations.”

Brown added that the meeting was at the Marriott because they wanted a change of scenery because the board was stuck in the office for two days.

Brown added that the board has a list of 37 applicants, a list of the 12 people who were interviewed by the selection committee and the current five candidates and at this point anything is possible.

“At this point anything is possible,” Brown said. “Everything is on the table, all options are on the table.”

The board is scheduled to meet on Friday, Oct. 23 to discuss the search.

“We have a great pool of applicants now and we might be able to select from there,” Brown said.

The next board of trustees’ meeting will be on Nov. 16 in the Board Room of the Administration Building.

Update: Oct. 21, 10:30 a.m. Ken Brown gave an update on where the board is now.

Update: Oct. 21, 1:25 p.m Clarification of where the board room is and the day of the week that the meeting took place was added.

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The board of trustees hasn’t selected the next president, at this point anything is possible’