Former EC student was gunman involved in the Umpqua Community College shooting

Updated Oct. 2, 11:50 a.m.

The gunman in Thursday’s Umpqua Community College shooting that resulted in 10 people dead and others injured was a former El Camino student.

“He attended El Camino from 2010-2012 and he had no incidents with ECPD or ECC AIMS,” Chief of Police Michael Trevis and Public Relations Director, Ann Garten said.

The gunman, Chris Harper Mercer, took an English 1A class at EC in 2010.

“Confirmed by my office (the Humanities divison office) he was in fact my student in 2010,” Debra Breckheimer, English professor said. “He took English 1A and passed.”

Breckheimer said she remembers her students but that he must have been quiet in class because he didn’t stick out in her mind right away.

“I kind of remember he was a quiet kid and he was also really nice, he was very polite and respectful,” Breckheimer said. “I’m a pretty tough grader so if he passed then he was a capable writer.”

Futhermore, Breckheimer recalled the time she had a face-to-face conference with Mercer.

“I do one-on-one conferences with my students when they’re writing their research papers and I never remember being unnerved by him,” Breckheimer said.