First day of fall semester brings motivation and frustration


El Camino students wait in line for the Cashiers Office near the Bookstore on the first day of fall semester. Photo credit: Jorge Villa

El Camino is full of life again as the students head back to campus for the fall 2015 semester.

The fall semester, which started with classes on Saturday and the weekday classes starting today brought in old and new students who had a lot to say about their first day back.

“I missed seeing the young, old, diverse people,” Joshua Williams, 24, physical education major, said. “It’s motivational.”

“This is my third year. I’m really ready to transfer – hopefully to Long Beach and do music performance there,” Britnee Nguyen, 19, music major, said.

However, there are those who aren’t excited to be back for the new semester.

“I hate the parking situation,” Nguyen said. “I used to have morning classes and now I have to park in the other structures.”

It’s not just the parking situation that has students frustrated. The long lines for the Bookstore have students wondering when they’ll get their books.

“I haven’t even got my books yet,” Erika Rivera, 18, criminal justice major, said. “The lines are so long.”

Still, despite the problems that come with the beginning of a new term, there is hope for a bright, productive semester.

“My classes are higher level so I’m nervous. But I’m excited,” Saira Younis, 19, Psychology major, said. “I want to get more education and I’m excited for challenges and new things to come.”