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‘Son Mexicano’ entertains and informs students about Chicano music

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El Camino’s “Celebration of Chicano Culture” continued with “The Son Mexicano,” which featured traditional Chicano song and dance on Tuesday in Marsee Auditorium.

The event not only featured music and dance from the Mexican bands Conjunto Hueyapan and Mariachi Estrella de Jalisco but also dances from the youth dancers at Nuestras Raíces.

“Every single one of (the children in Nuestras Raíces) will come either to a community college or to a four-year institution out of high school,” Argelia Andrade, Spanish professor and director of Nuestras Raíces, said. “Every single one of them will graduate. They will be your doctors, your lawyers, your musicians, your friends and neighbors because that’s what our program is for.”

The information about Chicano music offered by history professor Xocoyotzin Herrera and Andrade between each performance allowed students to gain a better understanding of Chicano music and culture.

“I learned… a lot of stuff,” Derrial Peterson, 20, English major, said, “I came not because it was an assignment. I came, actually, because I was just interested (and wanted) to be cultured.”

Even though some students were there because of an assignment, many seemed to enjoy the performance.

“I liked it. It was fun,” Selena Lockhart, 19, undecided major, said when asked about her impressions of the performance. Lockhart specifically enjoyed “their dresses and… how colorful they were and how they kept your attention.”

The next event for the “Celebration of Chicano Culture” will be a lecture by veteran Eddie Morín entitled “Chicanos in the Military” on Monday, May 4 from 9:30 to 10:55 a.m. in the Alondra Room.

Update: April 29, 12:49 p.m. “Angelia” has been changed to “Argelia” due to a mistake in the name.

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‘Son Mexicano’ entertains and informs students about Chicano music