Full smoking restriction to be reviewed soon by board of trustees


At tonight’s board of trustee meeting, it was announced the board will soon look at the smoking policy that would put a “full restriction” into place.

President Tom Fallo said it was planned that the board would review the proposed ban at next month’s meeting, but it might have to be pushed to the Feb. 17 meeting.

“The smoking policy will be controversial,” Fallo said at the meeting. “People have agreed, people have disagreed.”

The only policy currently in place is one in accordance with state law, not one the college has put forth itself. College Council has already discussed the ban and it was brought up at a recent Academic Senate meeting.

At a meeting earlier this year, the board discussed the ban, but it was unclear at the time if the proposed idea included a ban of e-cigarettes and the idea was sent back for clarity. Ultimately, e-cigarettes were added to the policy.

Josh Rogge, president of the El Camino College Foundation, said the housing unit available to students in Torrance has proven to be successful, despite some being unsure when the project began.

Rogge mentioned last week’s scholarship application deadline and added the Foundation hopes to increase the number of scholarships they’ve been able to give to students.

It was voted that Bill Beverly will remain president for his last term, Ken Brown will remain vice president and John Vargas will become secretary, effective until December 2015.

The next board of trustee meeting has been moved to Thursday, Jan. 15, from its original date of Monday, Jan. 20.