Accreditation team visit wraps up in Haag Recital Hall

EC has been “commended for exceptional leadership,” Linda Lacy, accreditation team chair and president of Cerritos College, said at the accreditation exit meeting in Haag Recital Hall today.

The meeting wrapped up a four-day visit from the team, consisting of former and current community college presidents and instructors.

This week, the group met with 129 employees at EC. The college was recognized for its “diversity and breadth and depth of student services,” Lacy said.

Recommendations the team had for EC included a focus on the Compton Center and its diverse student population, a stronger alignment between outreach and enrollment plans, and clarification on the “mission, scope, and relationship” of committees.

Lacy added during the visit, the group took a look at the Distance Education courses and the engagement in place with those courses.

She said the team enjoyed “wonderful service” from both the ECPD cadets and the student ambassadors giving tours of campus.

“We want to congratulate all the efforts you’re putting forward for student success,” Lacy said.