Male arrested after yelling and kicking glass doors in Admission and Records lobby


ECPD was called Friday afternoon after a male was screaming and kicking glass doors in the Admissions and Records Office. Ultimately, the subject was arrested for obstructing a peace officer. Photo credit: John Fordiani

A male was arrested on campus today after yelling and kicking a glass door in the Admission and Records lobby, EC Police Chief Michael Trevis said in an email.

Around 2 p.m., officers received the call and, upon arrival, “they found a man yelling and screaming inside. Officers asked him to calm down and step away from the glass door,” Trevis said.

The male refused to move away and when officers tried to move him, he became “aggressive.”

“We deployed the Taser but the taser darts did not touch him,” Trevis said. “A struggle ensued and we took him into custody.”

The male was arrested for obstructing a peace officer, Trevis said.

Trevis added he believes the male is not an EC student.