Basketball tactician in new position

EC’s former girls’ assistant basketball coach, Reggie Ellis, was appointed the interim director of the athletics department by Rory Natividad, health sciences and athletics division dean.

The change was prompted by the departure of Tony Barbone to Pasadena City College in December of 2013.

When making his decision to enlist Ellis to the administrative staff, Natividad considered “professional background” and a “desire to help our programs” as determining factors, he said via email.

Ellis”s new position includes overseeing more than 400 student athletes, ensuring that the day-to-day operations of EC”s teams run smoothly. Ellis credits his years in the division atoledo with providing him the experience to perform his job.

“12 years as a community college coach and over 15 years of management/compliance provided me with the tools to make the transition smooth,” Ellis said.

Ellis’ peers spoke highly of his enthusiasm and love for the department”s cause.

“He”s very involved,” softball coach Elaine Martinez said.

Kurt Peters, the men’s assistant volleyball coach, added, “He was well received by the student athletes…he has been outstanding.”

Ellis”s promotion has allowed him to take on an even larger mentorship role, to EC”s athletes.

“He was an awesome coach…he still comes to our practices and he always knows what to say to motivate us.” Faith Matsuda, who plays for the girls’ basketball team, said.

For Ellis the move from coach to administrator has come along wonderfully, he said. The singular drawback?

“The worst thing, if you can call it that, is not being involved with the athletes on the floor teaching them,” Ellis said.