Update: Arrested football player removed from roster as of Oct. 25

Update, Nov. 2 at 3:50 p.m.: As of Oct. 25, Taj Mathis has been removed from the football team’s roster.

EC football player Taj Mathis is still listed on the team roster despite an Oct. 10 arrest on campus for possession of firearms at a public institution.

Mathis was in his car with three other EC students in the lower level of Lot F when officers found marijuana on the car console and a loaded semi-automatic handgun and a revolver in the trunk, according to the EC police log.

EC Police Chief Michael Trevis said a bag was also found in the car with bullets and shells that did not fit the two guns.

The twenty-year-old defensive back hasn’t played in the two games since the Oct. 10 incident.

The Office of Community Relations has declined to comment and has told others not to comment on the story.

Mathis currently faces only the one charge but the district attorney’s office may file more, Trevis said.

He has a court date set for Dec. 12, Trevis said.

According to administrative procedure 5520, an immediate suspension will be enforced when a student has “possession or use of any weapon, firearms, or explosives.”

As of Oct. 19, Mathis was still on the football team’s roster handed out at the Riverside City College game as well as on EC’s website.

Rebecca Cobb, director of student development, said that students who have been immediately suspended have no student standing with the college while they go through due process.

The athletic department, including the dean and athletic director, and the director of community relations have declined to comment on the fact that Mathis remains on the roster after multiple requests.

However, Rory Natividad, dean of health sciences and athletics, said this type of conduct is “against our mission, our values, and everything we stand for.”