EC football player charged with felony

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EC football player Taj Mathis was arrested on campus Oct. 10 after a loaded semi-automatic handgun and a revolver were found in the trunk of his car, EC Police Chief Michael Trevis said.

The car is registered under the 20-year-old defensive back’s name and at the time of arrest, three other EC students were in the car, Trevis said.

The four students were in the vehicle with smoky windows in the lower level of Lot F. An officer observed marijuana on the car console and upon doing a search, the firearms were discovered, according to the police log.

“One individual was charged with California Penal Code 626.9(b) Possession of firearms at a public institution,” Trevis said in an email.

Trevis later confirmed Mathis was the individual who was charged.

The other three students are likely facing disciplinary action from the college but face no criminal charges at this time, Trevis added.

According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff Department database, Mathis’ bail was set at $35,000 and he bonded out the same day he was arrested, Oct. 10.

Trevis said the two firearms located in the trunk of the vehicle were not registered and Mathis doesn’t have a gun license.

After several requests, Mathis’ coach John Featherstone and members of the football team have declined to comment.

More information will be added as it becomes available.