Now any student can be Homecoming king/queen

Homecoming is a nice way to get together with friends and have fun, and with recent changes to the king and queen nomination process, any student can be elected.
“In the past, they were clubs who would chose a candidate from each club to be homecoming king and queen and now we want to expand it to the whole school, so they can feel the school spirit,” said student services specialist K. Breanna von Stein.
For students who want to become a king or queen for the Homecoming, here is the process to follow: First, fill out an application at the Student Development Office from October 6-9. The deadline is Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. Then, it’s time to convince all peers and the students from the school to vote for you. Voting and nomination will be on October 22-23. The Pep Rally is on October 22 and the Homecoming carnival is on October 23. The actual event will take place on October 26 at the East Dining Room.
Being a homecoming king and queen would mean that your representing the whole school and the spirit that the school has.
While all that happens it’s all about to get together with friends and having fun with your close ones and peers. So, get your suit and those hairstyles ready for El Camino Homecoming on October 26 at the East Dining Hall.