Parking wars

Students are looking for a better solution to the continuous parking problem in the campus parking lots.

“The first two weeks of the semester is where we get traffic; it’s crazy because everybody tries to find parking and go early to find their classes too,” Officer Erika Solorzano said. “People get angry at each other for the same spot. They are honking at each other and they get in traffic accidents. It’s a nightmare.”

Many students are complaining and are looking for a solution to this problem that happens every semester.

“I think this sucks because it’s big parking lots but there are too many students here,” Lyanne Padilla, 22, criminal justice major, said. “Obviously it’s hard to find parking especially when the semester starts. It’s too much chaos, but then it goes down.”

Kenny King, 27, orthodontist major, is also one of many students that have trouble looking for a parking spot.

King said the parking on campus is really bad and he’s resorted to parking quite a distance from his classes.

Other students do not have problems finding a parking spot including Kevin Lopez, 18, business major.

Lopez said he is not having problems finding a parking spot because he has early classes and there has been more than enough parking space so far. He said the reason his friends haven’t found spots is because they are taking classes later in the day.

This is a regular problem at the start of every semester. The Facilities Steering Committee proposed a new parking structure on the north side of campus by Manhattan Beach Boulevard, according to a master plan update.

Brown and Solorzano recommend students come to campus early to avoid frustration and packed parking lots.

The construction of the new Shops Building will take up a number of parking spots, Tom Brown, director of facilities, said.

“The additional parking will improve access to the instructional areas, programs, and services that are located on the north side and the college’s growing population,” according to the same master plan.